Dinner cost used for judging affordability

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Dinner cost 'top measure' for judging affordability of destinations

The cost of a main meal at dinner is the most favoured measure for UK holidaymakers when judging a destination's value for money, new research shows. More than a third (35%) of tourists use this as benchmark against how expensive or cost effective a place is when travelling abroad. Holidaymakers use a variety of ways to compare the cost of destinations, with over a quarter (28%) basing their judgement on the cost of a beer. Other cost comparison methods include the local price of a coffee (16%), a taxi (15%) and public transport (15%). Just 8% of UK tourists use the cost of a McDonald's meal as their measure and only 3% base their assessment on the cost of electronics in their destination.

The research also found that UK holidaymakers are making provisions for unexpected costs whilst abroad, with 82% setting aside funds for unplanned purchases. Almost a quarter (22%) of holidaymakers set aside between 100-200 pounds, and just under one fifth (18%) keep between 200-300 pounds for unexpected purchases. A small minority (6%) of respondents keep back between 500-1,000 pounds to cover an unplanned cost. The research of 500 British holidaymakers was carried out by DCC Forum, the industry body that helps travellers understand the choices available to them when they pay by credit or debit card abroad.

The survey also revealed that 70% of respondents buy gifts for themselves when abroad. The most popular purchase is local confectionary, bought by 39% of holidaymakers, followed by aftershave/perfume (29%), jewellery (23%) and luxury clothes and accessories (16%). DCC Forum board member Jennifer Conneely said: "Just as we might use benchmarks for establishing value for money when at home, UK holidaymakers are evidently keen to apply this measure when abroad. "This may have become more critical in recent years with the fluctuating pound. "Whether it's the cost of a main course, a beer or a McDonald's, it's clear that tourists are looking for clarity on their holiday costs and would benefit further by being fully aware of their payment options when overseas to track their spending even more closely."